Studio 401 House Rules

House rules:

- Your time starts the moment any member of your crew arrives
or the pre-scheduled time agreed upon, whichever comes first.

- Your time ends once the last person of your crew leaves
or the scheduled time agreed upon, whichever comes last.
The time you reserve should include your set up and clean up.
There will often be people coming in right after you, so do not
go over your scheduled time.

- You may use and move any of the furniture or equipment
that is labeled for studio use.
DO NOT DRAG the furniture across the floor.
Please have our staff help you to move heavy items,
they’ll be happy to help put the furniture back into the place.


For studio use:

Leave your payment with the studio assistant.

Additional fees will be incurred if there is any loss or damage
of studio property.


Please respect the studio.