Studio 401

Studio 401 is Elated Industries' and Felici's fully-equipped Photo Studio conveniently located in Mango Avenue, Cebu City.  It is available for rental by the hour.

Rate & Availability:
P400/hour (4-hour minimum)
Sundays - 6am-10pm
Mondays - 6am-10pm 
*Not available on other days except specified dates (It's actually also our HQ!)

Studio Specifications:
(If you just wanna see photos, scroll all the way down.)
- Entire space is ~100 sqm.
- Cyclorama, painted in flat white
- Height: 9 feet and 2 inches
- Width: 12 feet and 9 inches
- Ideal for up to full body portraits of one-two people
- Three-person Group Shots are sufficiently doable with medium shots
- Space can comfortably fit around 15 people (talent(s) + crew)
- There's also a balcony where people can hang out
- For sample shots from the studio, visit or (Most studio photos from the two brands are shot in this facility.)

- Lighting Assistant
- Tripod with Gitzo Head
- Three Jinbei/Caler 200ws Strobes with Stands
- Two Softboxes (50x70cm and 60cm Octagonal)
- Phottix Strato II - Transmitter and Receiver
- Two 5-in-1 Reflectors (Large, Medium)
- Family of Apple Boxes
- Ladder
- Electric Fan
- Steamer
- Prop Stool and Chairs

To rent additional equipment, please check out our sister company at or @waverlycinetech on Instagram. 

Other Amenities:
- Wifi/Wireless Music (Apple Airplay)
- Printer (We'll leave some bond papers, but please bring as well.)
- Clothes Rack with Hangers
- Mirror
- Refrigerator
- Speakers
- Air Conditioning
- Kettle
- Toaster

401, Manros Plaza
Mango Avenue, Cebu City
*It's on the 4th floor. Building is old, so no elevator.  Walk-up Only, but great exercise :)
Click for Google Maps Directions

Nearby: Fooda, KFC, Jollibee, Sunburst, Coffee Scent, Dimsum Break, etc. 

Contact Information for Booking:
Scroll down below and fill in:
- Desired Date
- Number of Hours (minimum of 4 hours)
- Other Info

*You can also reach us via any of these below: 
- (032) 410 9698 or +63 947 105 6334

Payment Terms and Methods:
50% Downpayment upon Arrival
50% Balance upon Wrap
Cash/Check/Bank Deposit

Cancellation Policy:
Very Flexible, we'd very much appreciate it if you would lets us know at least a day prior.