Take Five

On our idle time, we Instagram out of boredom, interest, and for inspiration. Check out 5 profiles we follow.


Alex Atala

Ex-punk, jiujitero, and Michelin-starred chef who hunts for his ingredients – there’s nothing this guy can’t do. His posts about his team, culinary creations, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and everything else in between reminds us to live how we want, one day at a time.



As chill as the guy is, there is nothing casual about his talent. As an award-winning rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, performance artist, and fashion designer, he’s adding creative entrepreneur to the list with i am OTHER, a multimedia creative collective. On top of that, Esquire hailed him as the “Best Dressed Man in the World” in 2005.  We could go on and on, really.


 Tom Hardy

Women want him, men want to be him. There’s a lot of motorcycle photos on his feed, which makes us pretty envious. Plus, he’s Venom. Dare we say it? Total man crush.


Jeff Goldblum

There’s more to Jeff Goldblum’s quirky characters and even quirkier fashion sense. And you can see it all on his feed. He’s been performing at jazz clubs around L.A. and New York as an accomplished jazz pianist together with his band. (And we thought Jeff couldn’t get any more interesting than playing the Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok.)


Jimmy DiResta

Can’t help but geek out over Jimmy DiResta and his Instagram feed, which basically serves as his portfolio. As a self-described designer, builder, and maker, he’s the Martha Stewart of woodworking and welding. ‘Nuff said.