Shinshi Sense of Style | Sunstar

By Monica R. Lopez

“IMAGINE dapper in Japan. That, with Elated’s own twist,” says Mikey Walls, one of the founders of the Cebu clothing brand Elated Industries of its newest line, the Shinshi Collection.

Other than Mikey, Elated Industries was also founded by Carlos Miguel Canga, Ralph Vincent Lapus and Don Gerardo Frasco. It started out with plans to make a clothing line coming into play around 2012. “We kept designing, trying to figure out what kind of brand it should be. We collectively found that sense of focus late in 2014,” said Don.

The four gravitated toward Elated for the name which Mikey thought of, with Don adding Industries. “It had a ring to it; it has meaning. It felt bare and abstract. It was a feeling. We wanted to make a person feel elated every time he would wear something from us,” said Carlos. Don added: “Mike brought in the idea of the state of elation from being successful. The sound of it sticks and it stands for being progressive.”

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